First shot married woman document Hitomi Kuraki

``I told you that my cock would be inserted right away...I never expected to be so irritated.'' Hitomi Kuraki, 44 years old, is a full-time housewife with a family of three, including her husband who works for a club, and her son who is a college student. ``But it felt good to make it, so I'm okay with the result.'' When we met Hitomi, who was completely masochistic, the Sembile photo team suddenly decided to tease Hitomi, saying that the regular menu was a waste. And the aim was perfectly accurate. ``When I realized that I was nervous, I was begging for it (lol)'' I was very satisfied with the sex that was teased and played with. ``The actors are more generous than I expected...I'd like to ask them to give me their contact information later.''